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Frank was born in 1961.In the late 80´ies Frank part of starting the band S.O.S and he is the last member, of the original crew, who is left.

Since Frank´s early childhood Frank was very found of music, and his mother´s pot´s and pan´s suffered a lot until Frank have had enough money to bye his own drums.

Frank is a big fan of Phill Lynott from the legendary band Thin Lizzy and of course Lizzy's drummer Brian Downey, and as he heard "Whiskey in the jar" and "The boys are back in town", for the first time, there was no doubt, Frank wanted to be a drummer in a rockband.

In the late 70'ies Frank met David Hughes. He played with Niels Ove, who Frank knew a little. They had been playing together for a short period, but it never got serious Later Frank played with "Thytonerne" (Pølle og Nulle) until they stopped in the middel of the 80´ies.

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