The history
S.O.S started in 1988, actualy in the UK, but a young man (David), from the band, came to Denmark and stayed here. S.O.S continued with David and Frank Alstrup until 1993, when David left the band, since then there have been various crewmembers.

Frank Alstrup is the only one left from the Danish start of S.O.S, he play the drums, hard and fast.

Since 1993 we have had a great leadguitar player and singer Niels Ove Hunskjaer.

At the piano we have the youngest member of the band, Frank Joergensen (Jerry). He know what to do with a piano. Jerry, as we like to call him, has been with S.O.S since the year of 2000.

Our bassplayer is the newest but eldest member of S.O.S, started in january 2004, but he already has given the band a new kind of hardness, which have been a great succes for us until now.

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