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Niels Ove Hunskjær is the leadsinger and guitarplayer in S.O.S. He is born in 1961. Niels Ove started to play already at the age 12 years, very inspired by "Smoke on the water." Niels Ove was one of the men behind the band "Black Magic" together with 2 of his classmates: Arne Wangsgaard and Klemen Nørgård. Their career stated in the lokal youthclub in Bedsted.

In 1983 Niels Ove moved to København and he played for a period with the, for that time famos band from Fredensborg, "Råstof".

After that Niels Ove moved back to Thy it schuld only have been for a short period, but he was at a townfestival in Koldby and met Frank Alstrup who was looking for a guitarplayer for his band S.O.S. Niels Ove refused, but anyway, he have been in the band ever since.

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